Frequently Asked Questions

If you are seeking to lease your land and have a question not answered here...

Its Simple. Contact Mark to discuss.

What is the price per acre being offered to land owners?

Pro Farm Energy is offering land lease prices for 20 year contracts. Its Simple. View Prices.

20 Years is a Long Time.

That is not a question, but it is a long time. Leased Farmland Properties Create Wealth. Its Simple. Contact Mark to discuss.

Is there a minimum acreage for my land to be considered?

Yes, but it really depends on where your land is relative to other land owners leasing, therefore Its Simple. Apply.

How and when is the crop removed?

The crop is removed with a herbicide and then ploughed before the end of the Land Lease Contract. Your land is now food ready. Fuel for Food. Its the 'Pro Farm Market'.