Offered Pricing

Pro Farm Energy ('PFE') is seeking to lease agriculture land that is currently under utilized (e.g. hay fields). The transportation distance of the biomass is a key economic factor affecting the lease rate PFE can offer land owners. In addition, the state of the land with respect to PH, nutrient, rockiness, and if the ground is prepared for planting are factors affecting the lease rate both positively or negatively. PFE is offering the following lease rates per acre for lands proposed by land owners to the project. Each land owner will be offered the same base rate and premiums will be offered for land closest to the plant in addition to premiums for land requiring less preplanting preparation. In addition, land owners may propose a premium or discount per acre and PFE will take that under consideration when selecting the lands.

PFE will be selecting lands based on the time of application, distance to Hantsport, land quality amongst other factors and PFE reserves the right to select or not select any applicant for any reason.

PFE will be selecting succesfull land owner applicants in late 2013 and early 2014.

A twenty year term lease PAYS 3 YEARS OF RENTAL UP FRONT and also offers Nova Scotia Consumer Price Index (CPI) payments beginning in year 4 through to year 20.

Base Rate

All rented lands in years 4-20
CPI Adj. $/Acre
Premium or Discount Offered by Land Owner
+ or - $/Acre
If land is 0-40 KM to Hantsport, NS
+ $35/Acre
If land is 41-60 KM to Hantsport, NS
+ $25/Acre
If land is 61-80 KM to Hantsport, NS
+ $15/Acre
If land is 81-100 KM to Hantsport, NS
+ $5/Acre
If land does not require ploughing
+ $2.25/Acre
If land does not require nutrient or lime
+ $6.75/Acre*

* All or a portion of this amount will added by PFE to the lease rate per acre after PFE conducts soil samples and determines what amount of nutrient and lime is required.